Sizes Paper Type
Standard Size Glossy paper- Mat paper- Cotton paper.
Standard Size Laminated safe laminated- Un coated- Color- B/W & SOFT LAMINATED.Luxury paper etc.
Standard Size Single side- Double side
Standard Size 100 LBS . Smooth Matte paper.


  1. -Horizental or vertical business cards printing..
  2. -Cotton touch paper..UV coated paper.Soft Laminated. Hand Laminated.
  3. -Single Sided & Double Sided..
  4. -Normal sharp corners, round corners, and die cutting.


In today society, no doubt the business cards are best source to introduce business. It creates your company first impression to your client. It also helps people remember important information such as contact details etc. In everyday life, we come across many business cards but how many of them has impressed us. In reality, a few. At Rainbow copy,we focus on attractive lasting design couple with modern layout We pay close attention to the details so that after certain revision clients gets exactly what he or she is looking for. At rainbow copy, we are not satisfied till you are.